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Since the first pi came out I wanted to build an exoskeletal suit. Just thick 3D printed ABS (or PLA) with small steel supports and a the rediculous number of stepper motors. Along with a huge Li-ion backpack and a pi of somesort.

Keeping the suit which is just framework basically, 5% lager than the body and jsut have it mirror the movmeents you do inside of it with pressure sensative pads, making it want to keep you direclt in the center. So when you mvoe your hand it touches the inside of the palm. It moves down with your hand until the pressure eases off.  etc etc.

Of course its entirely theory as I wont have the money for usch an endevour for many years to come. Would certaintly be a fun project though
  • Sofa gaara
  • 2015-3-15 02:21:34
Waouh !! What a project !!
I guess it need a lot of knowlegde about robotics & programming, and for sure... some funds!!
Good idea indeed.
Funds is the only real issue. Of course usually endeavors like this would cost a lot more because nearly all of it goes to labor. Scientists charge a lot after all.

You never know when a grant will spring up though. So maybe one day.
Good Luck Buddy!
  • 5# vbnz
  • 2015-6-17 22:33:31
How is your project?