Opi-pc dvb-t home network problem 看全部

I havea problem with my orange pi pc.
I haveOpenELEC latest images 2016/5/10 of
The problem is with my dvb dongle (IT9135) onmy computer with win10 work very good with strong signal.
I config mediaportal on my orange pi pc with the ip ofwin10 I see the channels....
But when I press enter is try to play after few second nothinghappen.
I put the smb and put the correct ip  and is not start what I can do?
  i can stream in my home network Maybe I missing something or someone here know other addon likemediaportal

  • Sofa Xer0
  • 2016-6-1 22:17:52
IT9135 Linux support is broken i heard
quote: Xer0 replied at 2016-6-1 22:17
IT9135 Linux support is broken i heard

how\where i can check it if is true?
  • Floor tpol
  • 2016-11-2 20:33:36
I also have a dvb dongle IT9135. It is recognized, firmware seems to be loaded, modules are loaded, but with tvheadend it doesn't find any service. I am using latest version of openelec.
On http://orange314.com/Orange_Pi_H ... ers_and_DVB_devices it says it is a compatible device.
On https://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/ITE_IT9135 it seems to be supported.
Anyone knows if there is a particular version of the drivers or firmware that must be used to make it work?
I have ite9135, it works like a charm on OiPC, no problems. It's fully supported on Linux on kernels 3.2 and newer. You only need correct firmware files