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2016-6-2 18:17:06
Edited by boob at 2016-6-2 18:18


I try to compile Openwrt Buildroot with linux4.6 and the smooth driver for ethernet, thanks to linux-sunxi team and also Others I forget for sure.

Here an image (10MB) for testing on OP PC... http://www.filedropper.com/openw ... sdcard-vfat-ext4img

Working :
-USB ECHI/OCHI on 3 port host.
usb mass storage mounting in ext4 ok.
usb wireless RT5370 Wireless Adapter ok.
usb ethernet Realtek R8152 ok.
usb PL2303 Serial Port ok.
usb 3G modem Qualcomm, Inc. Siemens SG75 ok.

- I2C x 3 + 1 SPIdev in /dev/ thanks to MartinAyotte patch. Not tested.
- UART x 2  
I create an "pinout-helper" property in device tree to find faster the right pins from your user program
cat /sys/firmware/devicetree/base/soc/i2c@01c2ac00/pinout-helper : SCK->A11,SDA->A12
An other for RPI standard port pin number is an idea.

- Ethernet EMAC internal Phy work verry fine, i notice the OP PC need to be connected to an active ethenet cable (to a computer or router) to succes driver initialisation.
After no problem with plug unplug...30% cpu usage on 1 core for BW iperf > 90Mbits - very good work sunxi team

Not working :
- lsmod segment fault
- USB audio sound card
- audio codec sound card
- usb musb otg

OP PC become an usable device for sure and finaly a good way to learn linux as you can

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2018-4-24 21:07:54
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boob replied at 2016-6-21 19:02

new update with fixed eth at boot without network cable.

COOL! but the link is not working.
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2016-6-23 22:16:33
I still have one quesion.Where do you find linux4.6.1 kernel?In sunxi/for-next?I cannot find it.
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2016-6-13 07:40:26
Good!I finally have Linux 4.6 kernel to use.I think if it has LUCI,it'll be better.
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2016-6-13 12:48:39
Can you give me your .config while compiling the kernel?I want to try to compile too.
boob 看全部
2016-6-21 19:02:38
Edited by boob at 2016-6-21 19:06


new update with fixed eth at boot without network cable.
lsmod, insmod fixed.
GCC and G++ 5.2 MUSL tested onbord (for compile small program C and C++ ) with ldd utility
FFmpeg, FFServer good for handle RSTP steam.
NodeJS 4.4 ready.
USB audio Cmedia work fine.
ntfs-3g mount ready.
updatedb, locate utility.
mktorrent, and others i forget...

Config for linux4.6 and buildroot as sample in archive...

SD image 450MB to fit in 512mb sdcard (20mb to download)

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