Kodi vs mpv Video Player on Armbian 看全部

I am running Armbian v5.14 / 5.6.2016 with kernel 3.14.112 on Orange Pi PC Plus

I've installed Kodi from debian repo and it is running fine, how ever, player video is a bit slow (tried both over network, usb or local storage), the wierd thing is playing the same video using the local multi player "mpv multiplayer" works like a charm.

the HW acceleration option on Kodi is greyed out, i was wondering if settings can be changed manually ? for HW acceleration Armbian supports it since 5.10 according to Release History

What i am missing ?
I'm new to kodi, but it had it running for the first time last night and i noticed kodi was using mpv player i was able to play HD no problems.
  • Bench jernej
  • 2016-6-19 19:48:07
Unmodified Kodi doesn't use VDPAU on ARM chips. Current workaround is to use mpv as a player, as ARMgunnaservu said.

  • Floor ua3nbw
  • 2017-5-6 23:20:23
Kodi 18alpha HW acceleration Smplayer and MPV
IPTV Simple Client, YouTube, .etc http://ua3nbw.ru/all/skripty-dlya-kodi/
Hi, I'm trying to make Kodi work under Armbian for my Orange Pi PC and I started following the tutorial on that ua3nbw provided the link to. Before begining that tutorial, though, there's a link to installing Kodi 18 alpha but some of the steps don't work. When I try the wget code, it tells me invalid options. I'm not very Linux savvy. I really wanted to make Kodi work under an OS desktop, not Kodi on OpenELEC. Did you guys really made things work?