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fritz 看全部
2015-3-23 00:05:55
On the boards is there a PMIC (AXPxxx) for the H3 processor?
What is the exact clockrate of the H3? realy 1.6GHz?
what is the "internal" name of the H3? sun8i?

thanks for responding
bronco 看全部
2015-11-27 08:39:04
And this is how it looks if you're not following the overvoltage route but go instead in the other direction. I did some undervolting, used cpuburn-a7 and cpufreq-ljt-stress-test to ensure stability and data integrity and gave sysbench again a try:

Exactly the same performance @ 1.2 GHz (still 158.2 seconds) but 10°C less under full load caused by 80mV less voltage:

fritz 看全部
2015-3-25 13:06:08
"internal" name is sun8iw7p1

zhao_steven 看全部
2015-3-25 14:42:15
up to 1536MHZ.
zhao_steven 看全部
2015-3-25 14:43:46
If Heat dissipation is good, can up to 1.6GHZ.
fritz 看全部
2015-3-25 15:04:26
OK thanks
PMIC seems not needed, at least i dont see it on the pictures.
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