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Tyrannus 看全部
2015-3-23 22:10:20
Hello from Germany also and to the land of Dawn Treader 我很高兴来到这里

my little CV

Born in 1962 near Cologne.

15 years of research and development for a large German company with a large cross ;)

At the beginning with a HP 1000 process control computer (at that time cost half a million dollars, today peanuts), ran under unix and fortran.
For my study I made myself a pocket computer Sharp 1401 (sharpy: I will always keep in remembrance). Programmable with simple Basic, for me too slow so I learned Peek and Poke: assembler and machine code. (Lol ... now it's the other way around: my brain has become too slow).
Private I started with a Sinclair ZX 81 and then the Commodore generation (VC 20, 64, and Amiga).

The last 10 years, I have to limit me based on my health and work more or less as a freelancer, but more in the field Hardware-integration (sensoric and home automation, standalone-units) and  as second level technical supporter for varios Companys.

Languages: from all a little bit ;) ... VB, C, Python and if I wet my brain then back to the roots with assembler

Since my work is my hobby, I am privately in various projects:

        Saltwater aquarium controller based on Arduino
        Habitat management (Reptiles) based on Arduino
        Lowcost Buildin for Can - KNX

both with many different sensors and actuators.

Finally, now even my development project: E.V.A

        Electronic Variable Assist, a acting autonomously humanoid robot.

Not a i-robot as a vacuum cleaner "rofl"
At moment running under Kubuntu on a old Notebook as simu.

Main features:
        object recognition (due to the amount of data at the moment only color recognition) future: full object detection
        full voice-control and voice-feedback (at the moment with Jasper: http://jasperproject.github.io)
        linked into the home network: "EVA? what you see?" Video feedback to smart-tv or tablet

On a single board computer until now not possible because of processing power and memory too small,
closer with the new generation we approach the feasible.

For this topic is now enough .... hmmm 8k bytes left.... more? no, no more todaY

and sorry for my bad english, sometimes help aunt google.

best regards Mike
RaveenBouy 看全部
2015-3-24 00:19:57
Heey Mike, Welcome to the Orange pi Forum :v

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