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RaveenBouy 看全部
2015-3-28 22:35:19
Is anybody interested in joining to orange pi fan group on fb?
Still didn't open it yet cuz i don't have a single member of this comunity on my fb. So if anyone is interested to join the group and serve the community, please add me :3

RaveenBouy 看全部
2015-3-29 02:26:32
A small bump xD
zhao_steven 看全部
2015-3-29 20:38:25
I have created Orange Pi group on fb. Please join in.
RaveenBouy 看全部
2015-3-29 23:49:08
:O please can i have the URL ? i'd love to join lol
Tyrannus 看全部
2015-3-30 00:37:07

sort your sceleton and join ... at moment "Wird da fast nur deutsch gesprochen"

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