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2015-4-13 02:57:15

if you need some help with webdesign, you can contact me. I am pretty experieced in Wordpress and SimpleMachineForum
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2015-4-13 16:15:04
Edited by OrangePiLinux at 2015-4-13 16:23

Ok. THank you for help Langoor. If I will be stuck--I for sure will ask you help, i am appreciative that you offer help. Right now I read book about menus and use constructor to build it. THe most important for me is to get whole concept of site. Because it will be at least for now not commercial site--it will be Fan site--for people who have this wonderfull piece of hardware OrangePi Computer.
Probably I will need some help with pictures  designing--like headers. But it is intial design--I am sure we can correct it together.
So there for sure will be Forum--people need to share their interests and what they do with their machines. Also on front page should be Mini-chat--so people even when not coming to forum--could quickly talk about free ideas or just talk.
Also I think it should have news feed about different mobile news. Like people can talk about OrangePi--but at same time they can read on site about different events which happen in mobile world.
To be honest with you guys--I have not big experience in creating web-sites--but I am willing to learn. As far as I understand--nowadays to know code is important--but it used in general just to edit some parts of page and so on--but as usually it is done in visual editors and in constructors.

Also I learned how to index site yourself--so it will for sure appear in search engines--because robots not always can index it--and also it will save money to rely on someone else to promote it.
All in all--I am slowly--but surely working on it. I just want you to know that it is more like hobby for me--like one of those projects people work on, hobby which I really want to have to be done.
I reading already third book--it is best one i think--because it is kind of like manual to service at which i do it.
Just please, be patient and also accept my ideas and concepts which I used when was deciding what to use and why I used it.
I just want to say that when I do something--it is not standard--like as usually people do something in the same way others do--I try to do the way I think is ok.
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2015-4-14 02:27:49
Thanks for you reaction, maybe we can share our skype? if you need support, i can help you. I have a good knowledge in wordpress, and what you say, is do-able in wordpress very well. Also the mini chat idea is very good! i like that! ;) if you use wordpress, you almost dont need any code knowledge at all, it has a pretty good GUI editor
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2015-4-16 18:45:42
Edited by OrangePiLinux at 2015-4-16 19:02

Hi Langoor. Sorry could not answer on time--all the time busy with this book i read about constructor(Now I understand why Administrators are busy all the time   )--takes time--but I already with its help started to bulid Forum--just need to think about logical names on forum and sections--like which are necessary and which have no sense at all.
Also learned how to monitor statistic about number of visitors, created one question form. The main problem for me now is to create proper structure--because it has to have logic.
Yes--I use constructor--because write code from scratch--could take ages, but I need to have site quickly--up and running and all ready, organized and tested.
I once tried to build web-site--on wix--funny service--it has funny site name--something related to email--but constructor they have is kind of like interesting. I checked many services--each has its cons and pros. But Anyway I stuck to one--I think it is best at its category.

Langoor--how many experience you have with wordpress--? I just never used it--I saw only once on youtube video--like guy was showing in two-hour vidoe tour--how he did create site. He used many extensions for it ( He also in video said that site looks gorgeous)--in order he could use not-standard editing and design of website--but to me it looked kind of like not standard--because he had fotos in background on web-site. I can share this video: Video

I want my web-site to be surprize for everyone when its ready. When it will be ready--I will explain what I did, why I did and what moved me when i was choosing anything.

All I want to say is--my friends saw it--even though it not finished--and they liked it. Just need couple of days finish my book and then probably I will concentrate on building it already--Like work completely on it.
Like right now I can say--it is in Alfa, hope very soon will be Beta and then Final Product...

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2015-4-17 22:56:18
today installed proper icon for web-pages--so then when web-site will be open--it will for sure indicate that site related to family of Orange Pi

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