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2016-7-20 18:07:11
Edited by Tayeb at 2016-7-22 02:24

Members of the forum may like to know that, I have used Armbian's image of Debian Jessie for Orange Pi Lite Wifi, that I found quite easy to set up. I have connected Orange Pi Lite Wifi to a PIC device (Picaxe18m2) to control it with Telegram bot in my desktop and my mobile phone.

My tutorial can be read at my blog Redacacia:


Feel free to ask questions, and / or if you need advice for a similar project.

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2016-7-23 09:36:00
sounds good!
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2016-7-24 23:33:12
Thank you. Planning to do something similar?
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2016-7-26 01:22:36
Edited by Tayeb at 2016-7-26 01:35

I have added a heatsink and a fan to the Orange Pi Lite Wifi set up. It was heating up before to temperatures as high as 64ºC (of course in plastic box without ventilation).
Now Orange Pi Lite Wifi works at arounf 29ºC. I know it is a bit of overkill. The following images depict what has been done.
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2016-7-26 01:56:48
Edited by Tayeb at 2016-7-26 02:06

Now I am also monitoring my Orange Pi Lite Wifi as shown in attached image (easy with Armbian)
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