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2016-8-5 22:23:56
Edited by Tayeb at 2016-8-5 22:48

For some reason still unknow to me, my OrangePi Lite Wifi became unreachable twice. I should have checked whether it was something more.

Anyhow, temperature is an issue that everyone says about, but I do not believe it is. To determine when Orange Pi Lite Wifi becomes unreachable I wrote a Python script (nothing special, similar to many on the Internet) that posts the ARM7 temperature of Orange Pi Lite to ThingSpeak platform (owned by Matlab).

If, and when my Orange Pi Lite Wifi, becomes unreachable I will know as it will stop sending posts to ThingSpeak.  Besides the main interest,  I do something useful as I monitor the temperature of ARM7.

(the image though it shows I created the ThingSpeak channel many hours ago I only got the Python script working this morning so there are no many readings).
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admin 看全部
2016-9-3 17:08:51
Hi, have you checked the image you use? Is the board boot normally?

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