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geanmairdeux 看全部
2015-4-7 14:47:56
Hello everybody.

Does someone has try to use Lakka with Orange PI 2 ?
zhao_steven 看全部
2015-4-8 17:41:38
We have idroid 1s with h3.
Langoor 看全部
2015-5-2 20:34:34
Dont now, doesnt look very nice...
In my opinion, EmulationStation is FAR better

ivanelbigfoot 看全部
2015-5-22 03:47:30
is it posible to use Lakka or emulationstation in orange pi plus?
nightjar 看全部
2015-5-31 00:05:44
I'm trying retropie (emulationstation+retroarch emulators) http://blog.petrockblock.com/retropie/
using the script https://github.com/petrockblog/RetroPie-Setup for Raspbian on a OrangePi 2.
# To run it I've set the __platform="rpi2" variable on scriptmodules/system.sh

The script complete with no errors but now i'm stuck (I'm newbie) on login with a normal user on the Raspbian_For_OrangePi2_mini2_v0_8_0.img
when I login with orangepi and bananapi users the screen gets black and after the login screen comes back.
Another problem that I noticed, if i go to cli with alt+f3 the monitor freeze, and if I set to boot with the cli on raspi-config (bpi-config) the monitor remain black..


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