Xbmc/kodi for Orangepi Pc 看全部

Hey guys,
I thought if it is a good idea if i develop xbmc for the orange pi pc.
I know there is someone creating it for the orange pi plus but i would like to create it for the cheaper orange pi pc.
I already made some progress but it is far from release.

It will at least be able to:
Have a fully function gui
Able to hardware render .avi, .mp4, .divx, .mkv, dvd's and i hope to support a lot more
play the most common audio files.
Work with hdmi-cec
And i hope to make it work with a
lot of other features too.

So my question is do you like this idea or not?

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what do you mean? What are you developing if it already works in OpenELEC and RetrOrange distributions for almost all Orange Pi devices?
i mean that it should work with all linux based osses.
  • Floor jernej
  • 2016-8-14 16:58:20
Interesting. Which libs will you use for HW decoding? How will you render, with overlays or GPU? How will you make CEC work on all distributions, given that you need kernel patch fo that? Do you have any additional docs on HDMI in order to improve CEC?

I've been there with OpenELEC, I'm just interested how will you deal with these and other challenges.

BTW, OpenELEC works on all boards, only OPiPlus 2 is not supported out of the box.
if OpenELEC and RetrOrange have it working for almost all Orange Pi devices?
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