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2015-4-12 05:26:38
Edited by DigitalToys at 2015-4-12 00:16

Hi all,

based on Igor's Debian image, I've created a Volumio version for the Orange Pi. With Volumio, you can turn your Orange Pi into a network music player that can be controlled via web UI or smartphone/tablet app. To create the image, I basically followed this tutorial for the Raspberry Pi. It is running pretty well already, however there are some issues that still need to be addressed. I will do my best to get them solved, but since I am not a Linux expert at all, any help is really appreciated.
More info about Volumio: http://volumio.org

Audio output tested so far:
  • eWent EW3751 (C-Media CM108 chipset): very poor sound quality with default settings, nearly no bass. Haven't tried the tweaks in the Volumio settings yet.
  • Speedlink Vigo (C-Media CM108 chipset as well): strange but true, sound quality is far better compared to the eWent stick, although they are bith using the same chipset. No clicks or crackles experienced so far, Vigo definitely provides the best sound quality I've heard from the Orange Pi so far.
  • Onboard analog out: sounds a little thin, produces loads of noise and crackles when moving fast forward in a track. Therefore unusable at the moment.
  • Onboard HDMI: working fine, no digital to audio conversion, so sound quality depends on the TV/amp that is connected.

I've tried several different mp3 files, have not tested other formats yet.

The image is suitable for SD cards with 4 GB or more.
Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzlD44U9TtXnVU9KYkpiWnA5em8/view?usp=sharing (currently hosted on my Google Drive, suggestions for a proper project hosting are welcome)

Login: root
Password: V0lumio

Known issues:
  • webradio option not available, haven't figured out yet how to add some default stations (also linked to next issue)
  • network identification: although the Player Name is set to "volumiOrange" in the Volumio settings, it is shown as "ORANGEPI" in my Windows network. Browsing it shows Volumio default folders: "NAS Music", "Ramplay", "USB Music" and "WebRadio". "NAS Music" and "Ramplay" can be opened and are empty, "USB Music" and "WebRadio" cannot be opened because they are not found (I assume this has to do with the player name in the network).
  • sound quality: onboard sound chip produces clicks and crackles from time to time, especially when moving fast forward in a track; external USB DAC delivers very poor sound quality
  • onboard WIFI not working. Can be set in the Volumio settings, but fails to connect on reboot.
  • Power off/reboot via Web UI or smartphone app are not working. Popup is shown saying that shutdown/reboot is being initianted, nut nothing happens afterwards.
  • occasional error message: "cat: /run/player_wrk.pid: No such file or directory"
  • more to follow, tests ongoing

As I said, any help is really appreciated, anyone who wants to join is very welcome!

Have fun with it, looking forward to your comments.

v0.2 (12-04-2015):
  • changed network name manually to "volumiOrange" in /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname. Synchronisation between the Volumio setting and content of hosts and hostname does not work though.
  • Webradio fixed: added folder "WEBRADIO" to /var/lib/mpd/music and added link: sudo ln -s /mnt/WEBRADIO /var/lib/mpd/music/WEBRADIO - webradios are now shown in "Browse" view and can be accessed from Windows network. Added Volumio's default radio stations plus some of my personal favorites.

DigitalToys 看全部
2015-4-20 16:10:09
Come on guys... nobody interested in turning the OPi into a nice audio player?
Sergey 看全部
2015-6-18 18:59:46


DigitalToys replied at 2015-4-20 16:10
Come on guys... nobody interested in turning the OPi into a nice audio player?

Interest beginning)I use RuneAudio on Raspberry Pi 2 + HIFIberry DAC+
I think if OPi 2 will work with i2s dacs, it will be great to use much faster SBC then RPi)
DigitalToys 看全部
2015-6-19 15:46:09
Wow, finally someone took notice...

I love Volumio, got 4 RPis running in different rooms at home. I would like to build a standalone player using my OPi with a touchscreen display connected. Unfortunately, I did not have too much time in the last weeks so there was no progress in adding a proper DAC yet (see this thread: http://www.orangepi.org/orangepi ... p;extra=&page=1)

As said, I am not a Linux expert, so any support on either the Volumio port or the DAC implementation is really appreciated.
iontichy 看全部
2015-10-2 14:54:15
I'll try this today, also interested in volumio. Do you made any progress in the issues you mentioned? I have bought an Orange Pi Plus, is it possible to put the image on the built in flash?


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