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Langoor 看全部
2015-4-13 02:48:38
Hello fellow Orange Pi-er's

I made a dutch forum, its still work in progress, but its working!

Johan 看全部
2015-4-21 03:55:31
I just registered on the forum too.
Maybe we can start from there to build a dutch speaking community?
Any other dutch speaking people that are joined?
FransM 看全部
2015-4-22 14:55:56
I am.
But then again: the amount of traffic on this forum is quite small.
What would be the added value of a dutch forum. Most of the dutch people speak English anyway (especially those who are ordering OPI's through aliexpress).
Why scatter (or duplicate) the available info?

DigitalToys 看全部
2015-4-22 16:37:21
I agree with Frans. I see the same on the German forum, nearly no traffic there so far. I would prefer to have subforums in different languages here. Asked Steven about it a while ago, but never received a reaction.
Langoor 看全部
2015-4-22 21:41:52
Thats indeed a good point, maybe we can create an unofficial english forum? Wich is a bit more complex with multiple languiges?
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