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Good afternoon staff , all right?
I ended up putting a comment in another post , I do not know if correctly done to open a new post .I wonder if it works RetrOrangePi for the model Plus 2e ??For I changing the initialization script , replacing script.bin as directed for the model of the correct card .Initializing it accuses a syntax error " ) " , then the screen is all black and hangs not starting .Can anybody help me?Thank you very much.

Unfortunately OpenGL ES is not working in a few Orange Pi boards, including Plus2. We are trying to get it fixed into next version.
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It seems to me that these platforms are already outdated and irrelevant
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It seems like you're encountering compatibility issues with RetrOrangePi on your Orange Pi Plus 2e, resulting in a syntax error during initialization and a black screen upon startup. Ensure that you've correctly replaced the initialization script and script.bin file with versions intended for your specific board. If errors persist, consider reflashing the RetrOrangePi image onto your SD card or seeking assistance from the RetrOrangePi community for troubleshooting. Exploring alternative retro gaming or emulation images designed for the Orange Pi Plus 2e could also be an option if compatibility problems persist. Today, I am very happy, that I found this website where One can get a free $1000 bonus and free spins. I have used this site only for the list of best casino apps but when visited the website's other page, I found the list of casinos, that offer free signup bonuses. This re­view service clarifie­s everything from game choice­ to how to pay. It saves me time and pre­vents stress by helping me­ find the right casino quickly. If you are also a gambler then casinosanalyzer is key for you.