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2016-8-31 12:13:38
Edited by Byron274 at 2016-8-31 12:24

Hi there, I have installed Debian Jessie 3.4 on my Orange Pi PC Plus from this link: http://www.armbian.com/orange-pi-pc-plus/. The problem is, every time I run apt-get upgrade, the terminal hangs and the entire screen blacks out. Is there an issue with the image itself or am I not supposed to upgrade the firmware? Or is there a solution to the issue? Thanks in advance.
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2023-8-1 04:37:05
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Byron274 看全部
2016-9-1 13:51:41
I'm now running the Orange Pi Pc Plus with Lubuntu and the same thing happens when I run apt-get upgrade. Has anybody else experienced the same issue?
igorpec 看全部
2016-9-1 15:14:50
What kind of power supply do you use? Can you try with different one?
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2022-11-16 15:45:16
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2022-11-21 13:53:57
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