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2016-9-14 17:56:58
Hi ! Please help port on orange pi linux Xash3D (Half-Life)

On ODROID is portet and work (LibGL)
and on raspberry pi https://www.raspberrypi.org/foru ... 5a4ad&start=200
i use this file http://oph.mdrjr.net/meveric/poo ... .0-1+deb8_armhf.deb

and On orangepi LibGL not worked i have error!


  1. libGL error: MESA-LOADER: malformed or no PCI ID
  2. libGL error: dlopen /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/dri/mali_drm_dri.so failed (/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/dri/mali_drm_dri.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)
and i install this http://oph.mdrjr.net/meveric/poo ... 06-1+deb8_armhf.deb
and get again error


ERROR in Mali driver:
* Mali device driver failed the API version check
* The solution is probably to rebuild the libraries and the Mali device driver.
Unable to initialize EGL display.
ERROR: EGL Error detected: EGL_NOT_INITIALIZED (0x3001)

Please help i bad know english and not know programmer language !

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2016-9-16 20:03:58
Edited by NeonClub at 2016-9-16 20:08

Ok i run this Xash3D on Armbian desktop ! Not work on MALI DRIVERS !!!
not work in game on console TEXT , and not work a chat text !
If you have install mali drivers you have error !!!
on full screen 720P i have fps 15-30 ~ on window 800x600 or 640x480 fps 50-70 ~
there a video from camera https://youtu.be/no1I8UQEs1o

For test need

wget http://oph.mdrjr.net/meveric/poo ... .0-1+deb8_armhf.deb
wget http://oph.mdrjr.net/meveric/poo ... 06-1+deb8_armhf.deb
ar vx xash3d-odroid_1.0-1+deb8_armhf.deb
tar xvf data.tar.xz
ar vx libgl-odroid_20160806-1+deb8_armhf.deb
tar xvf data.tar.xz

from Home user name folder /usr/local/lib/
copy all files to
/usr/local/lib/ (root)

mkdir hldm

from home /usr/local/bin/ copy xash3d to hldm
you need a half-life game, download a get a valve folder, or copy from Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\valve
and copy to hldm
download this file http://neonclub.lv/FILES/xash3D/valve2.zip unzip and all files replace on hldm/valve folder
ok is now starting for play test
on terminal

cd hldm
LIBGL_BATCH=1 ./xash3d

for get up fps 5-10 .

cd ~
git clone https://github.com/ptitSeb/glshim
cd glshim
cmake . -DODROID=1; make GL

and copy and replace file from glshim/lib/ libGL.so.1
to /usr/local/lib/ (root)

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2017-4-28 19:56:41

OrangePi En

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