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  • 46# zrom69
  • 2016-10-26 03:07:22
Hi friends
I'm new I have Dac PCM5102 DAC Decoder Player I2S it and connect as shown in the first page but with home cinema amplifier it works well and when I plug the speaker sounds almost not hear.
they must add amplifiers dac has this card or not, normally that with thank you pregnant
Hi, I've found that at the OPi-Zero is not pinned out the PCM0_DOUT (PA20) at the pin header. How to redirect this pin to other one, which is pinned out at the 2x13 pin header? Or is there some other way how to use the I2S DAC with the Zero board? It's important for me, because the media streaming is 80% of my applications and this board is well suited for it.
I've the same question of jgrulich.

I'm not sure Opi Zero have the I2S
quote: DigitalToys replied at 2015-5-21 15:29
Ok, the DAC arrived yesterday. Connected it to a RPi B running Volumio to test it, works great! I tr ...

Isn't the pinout for the header the same on the Orange Pi series as it is on the Raspberry Pi?  I know different models of the Orange have more headers to hook to but they all seem to have the Pi GPIO header.
  • 50# Moltow
  • 2022-11-2 16:25:42
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