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quote: DigitalToys replied at 2015-5-1 00:33
Freliix, we are not talking about amplifying the output signals from the Orange Pi, but how to impro ...

I have not tried any platform, I hope the arrival of my orange pi +. I'll use a amplier, see what happens
  • 12# FransM
  • 2015-5-1 04:12:56
Use a decent usb audio dongle which is supported by Linux

  • 13# gaara
  • 2015-5-1 06:00:24
I already use a little amplifier (2x5w, here) and the sound is audible, but there's a lot of parasites. Maybe a pre-ampli (like this) could reduce them, I havn't try.
My project is in pause, I'm waiting for larger cells.
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Guys, we're moving away from the initial thread topic: this is not about amplification! Please open another thread if you want to discuss about suitable amplifiers!

@FransM: there are no decent USB dongles under 30,- Euro, the DAC I mentioned in the first post only costs half the price. Furthermore, if you want to put everything in a case, I think a board is much easier to handle than a USB stick, especially when it comes to the outputs.
@gaara: I dought that you can improve the quality with a preamp. If the signal is not delivered properly, no amp could turn it into something good... so I would start earlier, the digital to analog conversion has to be improved.
  • 15# gaara
  • 2015-5-3 22:47:34
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Do you think a mini DAC like this is enough to plug 2x2W speakers ?Or need bigger like this ?
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