HiFi DACs for Orange Pi 看全部

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quote: gaara replied at 2015-5-3 15:47
Do you think a mini DAC like this is enough to plug 2x2W speakers ?Or need bigger like this ?

All of them have same chip, PCM2704, and low distortion ,THD + N: 0.006% (RL> 10 K), but output power is 12 mW (RL = 32), enough for  a earphones but not enough for unpowered speakers. You must put one amp on output.

There is cheap ones with veri good performance,
http://www.aliexpress.com/item/T ... mp/32331577069.html

  • 17# gaara
  • 2015-5-4 02:02:37
Ok, thanks for your notice.
I already have an amplifier (with a volume potentiometer) , so now, I'm looking for a good little DAC, with usb interface, because I can't pilot GPIO ports with Android.
Gaara, look at htis one: https://www.indiegogo.com/projec ... ic-anytime-anywhere

Seems interesting, I already preordered one, will post my experiences here once it arrives.
  • 19# gaara
  • 2015-5-7 16:23:31
Yes, looks cheap for this quality (192kHz & 24 bits).
But for my 2W speakers, does I need a quality like this ?
Anyway, I'm waiting for your try !
Ok, the DAC arrived yesterday. Connected it to a RPi B running Volumio to test it, works great! I tried to figure out how to connect it to the Orange Pi, but did not succeed yet. On the RPi, I used the P5 header to connect the DAC to the following pins:

Orange (MCLK) > not connected
Yellow (GND) > Pin 7 (GND)
White: (DATA) > Pin 6 (GPIO31)
Red (LRCK) > Pin 4 (GPIO29/I2C0_SCL)
Black (BCK) > Pin 3 (GPIO28/I2C0_SDA)

Red (+5V) > Pin 1 (5V)
Black (GND) > not connected

I was trying to find the corresponding pins in the Orange Pi manual, but apart from +5V and GND, I am not sure which pins to use and how to assign them...

Hoping for the Linux gurus now to help me further...
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