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alerino 看全部
2016-11-2 01:28:42
RetrOrangePi is a gaming and media center distribution based on Armbian (Debian 8), compatible with H3 / Mali devices. It is developed and maintained by Stevie Whyte and Alerino Reis with collaboration of Wang Matt.

Forum: http://orangepi.club/forumdisplay.php?fid=5

Wiki page: http://orange314.com/RetrOrangePi .

We will be constantly updating the new forum with helpful howtos with screenshots and videos. This will open up Ropi to many more users that don't have access to facebook. Come Join and help us create a helpful forum for all opi users. We will still be active on facebook but would prefer If you guys to join the forum and post questions / tips over there.

Nimbus 看全部
2016-12-4 23:48:19
Where can it be downloaded? None of the download links from those sites work.
Tina 看全部
2016-12-20 14:49:50
Edited by Tina at 2016-12-26 00:49

It seems they have taken down the images due to GNU/GNU license issues...
There is an announcement on the 314 page that they work on 3.x

Found an orange pi lite image here:
http://my-files.ru/Save/qjm836/R ... gepilite.img.tar.gz
It seems to work on my OPI PC ;)

had to find my old PS2 clone controler USB for testing:
- this OPI Lite image works fine the OPI PC
- controler recognized and works fine after assigning the funktions during 1. boot
- Kodi works fine
- Rii R8 (wireless keyboard/touchpad) works out of the box too.
- flashing took awfull long with etcher (+2h), I used a Hama USB3 to sdcard adapter in a USB2 port and got 0.67MB for writing and 0.78MB for verrifing the image. But it works, just be patient. Pheonix does not work with this image.

- ethernet does not work out of the box, but usb to ethernet adapter works

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