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2016-11-3 18:17:41
The Orange pi  PC 2 will be releasing soon!
With price of $19.98/unit(do not include shipping cost)
High Performance Quad-core 64-bit Cortex-A53
• Integrated multimedia acceleration engine
•  Hardware Java acceleration
• Integrated hardware floating-point coprocessor
•  High Performance Hexa-core Mali450
• OpenGL ES 2.0/1.1/1.0, OpenVG 1.1, EGL
• 40 GFlops, Pixel fill rate greater than 2.7GPixel/s

Horrorzilla 看全部
2016-12-6 03:05:57
Yeah - Firefox only works on Ubuntu image but it freezes up constantly. Since the board is so new I assume it will be worked out in time. I prefer the Debian image so I hope it gets remedied quickly.
frolix92 看全部
2016-12-12 02:26:24
Now I prefer to buy orange board from others sellers than Xunlong, I dont understand policy shipping price , I found (bought & received) PI PC  boards 15% cheaper without shipping extra charge with tacking number, how manufacturer can be more extensive than resellers ?
Kit 看全部
2016-11-22 07:38:25

Received my Pi PC2 today.

Debian server does not boot (wrote with Win32 imager), and Debian XFCE boot but Ethernet does not works. Tested Android to, the Ethernet seems to work (so the Ethernet issue in Debian seems to comes from the OS, not from my SBC as the network seems to be ok with android).

Please update the Debian iso.
Horrorzilla 看全部
2016-11-20 08:27:41
Edited by Horrorzilla at 2016-12-3 04:54

Do not buy - cheap junk. Got mine yesterday and board is dead. No leds, no lights, nothing. Will not even turn on let alone boot. Tried Debian server image and Android - nothing happens at all.

UPDATE - finally got it to boot using new images. Ubuntu XFCE works best it seems, but Firefox freezes up (can't install Chromium). Can't install Firefox or Chromium at all on Debian XFCE. Default web browsers do not work an either image.
alcomys 看全部
2016-11-18 06:43:41
Hello to the makers of orange pi.
the only thing you can do on this website is promote new products !
the bad thing is that the earlier released products still not have all the functions working in the images.
if i knew that the development support is so bad as the orange pi Than my choice was to not even buy an orange pi.
simply i have an orange pi pc plus with the wifi on board.
there is not even an recent version of android to download for this device !
you got the old versions of android.
compiling an image your self ??
not posible because of lack of the sources of the H2 chipset.
you name this an development board ?
what can u develop without the recent sources than ?
this board is only sold for stupid guys like me that think they can develop with it.
the only goal of the creator of this board is to make a lot of profit when selling this crap.
and one month later there is a new version and after one month there is an other new version and so on and so on.
so my opinion is not buy this crap from these guys anymore.
let them first develop an working situation.

admin 看全部
2016-11-3 18:18:36
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markon 看全部
2016-11-3 21:46:01
Edited by markon at 2016-11-4 17:56

There will be a plus version, with eMMC + maybe Wifi, like OrangePi PC Plus, or even with more RAM ?
It would be a nice upgrade for my OrangePi PC Plus

Edit : And what with 64-bit linux. It will be supported ?
hojnikb 看全部
2016-11-3 22:52:11
Any date on the availability ?

Is it compatible with orange pi pc cases ?

Whats the 2MB nor flash used for ?

jernej 看全部
2016-11-4 00:52:59


hojnikb replied at 2016-11-3 15:52
Any date on the availability ?

Is it compatible with orange pi pc cases ?

If this flash thingie will take off, it could be one of the best things that happened to this kinds of boards. Most, if not all, Allwinner SoCs can boot from it. This means that you could start treat it like BIOS/UEFI analog (actually, U-Boot supports UEFI). You can just put U-Boot there and then have SD card boot, USB boot, network boot... All in all, this means you can get more PC like boot behaviour and just like on PC it would allow to have truly universal OS images, now that you don't have to have board specific U-boot on your image anymore.

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