Orange Pi cluster computer 看全部

Hello guys!

I just got my second Pi from steven, Really want to thank him!
I whas brainstorming a bit, and tought i would like to build a cluster computer!
I'll keep a buildlog in this tread, and hope you enjoy it!

i will start working on it soon

So, that soon™ was earlyer then expected!

Just installed Lubuntu on my 2 MicroSD cards (8GB and 4GB) and modded an ATX power supply, and connected 2 usb jacks, so i dont need to strip off my power cables (Pictures tommorow, i dont have the camera handy now, and then it will be phone-quality) Only one problem is that i have one USB -> Jack cable, and my pi doesnt seem to start on USB power
here are pictures, as i promised!

Power Supply, I just got an old PC-ATX power supply, and cutted the connectors off, then i solderd this usb jacks to the Purple (5V 2A Standby) and black (ground)
You can also short the Green and black wire to turn the PSU on and use the red and black, then you have more amps, but u also need some sort of dummy load against power fluctuasions and spikes.

PSU sticker

First pi running, Updating and upgraden.

Here you see the pi's stacked

Other pictures of stacked pi's, i use a small computerfan and connected 2 jumpers from a computer front panel (Power Switch + and -) to connect the fan to sata power (Works well!)

Desk setup, i connected screen's to both pi's using VGA, and have set of Keyboard and mouse for each pi, so i can run them on the same time while working with software. (IF i had a power cable, Someone has an tip to power it on? Because mine doens't seem to power on using USB)
I wanted to ask you:
I have Orange Pi, Orange Pi Plus and Orange Pi 2. Is it possible to combine them in Cluster?
Hmm, good question! i think you can, but not sure how