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momo 看全部
2016-11-18 22:11:39
You can download image of the first release here.
Please don't forget to report bugs on the same thread (http://libretro.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7483).
Have fun

Giantofstone 看全部
2017-1-1 21:17:15
Huge thank for this os. I left it on my orange pi, this how it stays. Only i have priblems that the resolution doesnt change at all and only stretching to 16:9 works on the 4:3 screen. The other problem is too much stuttering. I had minimized the letency and the did helped but not the menu. There are also emulators that don't run but mgba and picodrive work great.
Giantofstone 看全部
2017-1-1 23:20:31
Alot of accurate emulators as cycle-accurate nestopia and psp ported arm emulator picodrive. Picodrive was ported from the official genesis disk for the psp. You can get no where but this os.
erich8 看全部
2017-3-30 02:16:19
the link does not open.
error 500.

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