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daniyal876 看全部
2016-11-27 16:36:37
i am trying to find any library by which i can control orangepizero PWM0 but i am failed please can any one help me to find?
i am new with these devices. and once i found blinky.c program but i tried to understand that code but fail.
Please guide me
nopnop2002 看全部
2017-4-1 13:36:38
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iboguslavsky replied at 2017-3-25 05:59
There is a new PWM driver available (it uses UART0_RX pin on the UART breakout header):

https://g ...

I made PWM C Library for H3/H2+ Sunxi SoC.
And it can control using command line(pwmc).


nopnop2002 看全部
2017-1-23 20:44:53
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The port which can be used in PWM0 is UART0_RX.
UART0_RX (PA5) is middle pin of the UART header.
Locating the UART header is here.

iibb01 看全部
2017-1-22 10:25:46
i need help Android Qpython3 How to gpio pin ON/OFF?  what library can work? my board is OPI+2E with Android 4.2
nopnop2002 看全部
2017-1-31 21:41:05
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jps replied at 2017-1-31 19:32
But acording with this document, the PWM port is:but i can not find the way to control, for example ...

I have a data seat of H3 here.

http://linux-sunxi.org/images/4/ ... _Datasheet_V1.2.pdf

There is an explanation of PWM in P74, but there are no functions of PWM in PA6.

You can use 16 Channel 12-bit PWM/Servo Driver-I2C interface of PCA9685.It's only $1.8
nopnop2002 看全部
2017-2-2 19:37:56


jps replied at 2017-2-2 02:51
Yes, but then, what about this:

I think this is a mistake.


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