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sjaved 看全部
2016-11-28 18:29:37

got my orangepi plus 2 board with adapter on last weekend;

plugged my hdmi cable and power adapter cable on board and there is no led turning on red or green and there is nothing showing on my led

created and inserted the sd card as well but still the same

can someone tell that what is installed by default on the 16GB emmc of this board ?

please help how can i start my board
Tina 看全部
2016-12-1 14:30:47
Please measure the voltage of the 5V rail at pin 2or4 (positive) and pin 6 (ground) at the GPIO header.
If it's dropping too far below 5 volt your power supply is not suitable for the OPC.
Many power supplies for mobile phone are not able to hold the voltage constant and drop to far for the OPC to power up. With them the OPC still draws power but gets stuck at booting. Therefore the OPC still gets warm.
pup 看全部
2016-11-30 01:59:39
I have the exact same problem.  Two boards.  Neither one shows any life whatsoever (no LEDs, no signal on an HDMI monitor at all).  Power seems to be working because the board is warm to the touch after being plugged in for hours.
shooreg 看全部
2016-12-1 17:19:11
If you have usb-ttl adapter, you can attach it to a serial console connector on OPI board and using terminal software on PC see pre-boot messages. Connection parameters are 115200-8-N-1
sjaved 看全部
2016-12-13 15:57:40


Tina replied at 2016-12-1 11:30
Please measure the voltage of the 5V rail at pin 2or4 (positive) and pin 6 (ground) at the GPIO head ...

correct power supply was the problem

i order the whole kit, power adapter 5V 3A O-PI plus 2 board with case

after having too much discussion with seller on aliexpress i came to know that the power adapter is totally dead, they have sent me the dead adapter.

I have to buy another powersupply and now board is correctly working.

but there is a question on the quality control there that they dont even test it before sending

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