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2016-12-25 04:35:19


Christos replied at 2016-12-3 23:30
I don't think anyone from the sunxi-linux community has done significant progress on the H5, from wh ...


most likely 6-months away
I need to bookmark this. i have a both a pc plus and a pc 2, and aslo an odroid-c2. every few weeks i go down these rabbit holes trying to make some use of the pc 2 but if the support just isnt there i will seal it up and try again mid 2017.

the c2 seems to be the most useful (my applications are geared towards kodi, 4k video, torrents) - but the power seems to be here witih the pc 2, frustrating that i cant use it.

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2017-8-16 14:59:44
Any camera hd can sometimes have that issue, if initial troubleshooting doesnt work better go to a preofessional.
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2017-9-10 22:34:07
any news on how can we work with dvi display?
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