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W2K 看全部
2016-12-5 16:48:37

Can you please host the image for Ubuntu Server (guess this is 16.04) - OrangePi Plus 2e on other  mirror ? The Link from Baidu is almost unreachable from EU client - connection breaks after 100KB from 157 MB.

igorpec 看全部
2016-12-6 13:55:20
In this time you can build you own from sources
W2K 看全部
2016-12-6 21:59:12
I don;t have enough expierience - setting up whole env takes too much time
jes 看全部
2017-8-4 16:54:24
i have bought Orange Pi PC Plus and can't download an image for Ubuntu server
this page official page has no clickable links
when i download from other sources like this http://dl.miniboard.com.ua/OrangePi/OrangePi-PC-Plus/
and deploy it on my board - i have a lot of files broken
where i can get good suitable SD image file? or instructions how to build it?
or do not wait for maintenance for your version and use this one https://www.armbian.com/orange-pi-pc-plus/

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