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2015-5-5 19:04:28
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Hi Igor,
I've been a huge fan of your distributions for the Banana Pi and I was really happy to see you contributing to the Orange Pi community.

I've just recieved my Orange Pi Plus board from Steven, and I'm in the process of unpacking the image I've downloaded from http://www.orangepi.org/plusdownloaded/plus-Debianen.html

Are you likely to produce on of your tailor-made images for the board? I like the way your distributions have a set of questions after install which optimise and customise the installation according to your taste.

Many thanks,

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2015-5-5 19:50:58
Hi just to follow up on this, I've tried unpacking the image onto a 32GB card and an 8GB card, and neither boot properly. The purple screen comes up (uboot?) but nothing beyond that, and I can see the board resetting itself over and over.

When I get back home tonight I will hook up to the serial port and see what messages are coming up.

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2015-5-5 20:06:07
Hi nickludlam, it seems to be a power supply issue, in first be sure that you use the jack connector (not the otg connector) to power your board, in second be sure that your power supply could provide more than 2 A to avoid any problem at boot time. And in third try the official lubuntu for OPI plus to be sure that is not a software issue ;-)
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2015-5-5 20:16:03
Thank you. I got the kernel sources half an hour ago ... and found out that I already had them for months from another Allwinner SDK ;) Those are just a little bit updated.
Don't have much spare time those days. I hope soon.
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2015-5-5 21:52:32


lectron replied at 2015-5-5 20:06
Hi nickludlam, it seems to be a power supply issue, in first be sure that you use the jack connector ...

Hi lectron, thanks for the reply.  I'm powering the board via the dedicated power adapter cable that came with it, and I'm using my Apple Laptop to power the board, so I think that should be providing enough current.

I've tried the Lubuntu image, and that doesn't work, but instead of endlessly looping, the system manages to boot into the built-in Android install. The onboard Android distribution works fine, although it's in Chinese so I find navigating the system tricky.

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