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2017-1-7 04:09:44


Tina replied at 2017-1-4 20:42
I think the makers of RetrOrangePI did make this kinda mandatory. You have to have a gamepad inorde ...

Thank you for your answer. I already figure it out about joystick. I don't have gamepad right now, so i attach 2 keyboards+touch. One i configure as gamepad and with other i can navigate through Armbian and OpenELEC, while in retrorangepi menu i use the first as gamepad to navigate. And wifi working ok if i configure it in retrorangepi menu, not in Armbian and OpenELEC separately. I think i foung why Kodi in Armbian stopped working after first use. I change resolution from 720p to 1080p and as far as i remember the error was something about resolution. The problem now is with OpenELEC. There is a lot of tearing there in every video file, make it unusable. I think there is something with 2Gb RAM of OpiPCPlus2E and bug with memory adressing for VPU. Maybe jernej is alredy fix it and if i upgrade OpenELEC will be fixed too. The problem is, after first switch to OpenELEC and back, RetrOrangePI freeze and is unbootable now. So i have to write new image these days and try again.
About game emulation - i like it too and maybe will use it soon, but my main goal for now is Armbian/OpenELEC switching. It's very comfortably and i can't do this myself.

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2017-1-11 19:03:13
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Lakka OS is alot faster then using emulators on armbian. It is a pure gaming os, nothing more. I use it on my intel pc and get the pure gaming performance, better then the real hardware because the real hardware has noisy sound.

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