Kodi remote display 看全部

My quick project is not strictly related to Orange Pi or OpenELEC but rather generally Kodi player and maybe someone finds it useful.
I still use OrangePi for media playback in other room. Because I watch movies using projector and player is behind me and has no display I needed to have information about movie elapsed and remaining time. Watch the video to find out more. I used cheap ESP8266 and LED Matrix modules, also provided source code if you need to extend functionality for example to display played audio file name etc.

  • Sofa Giachi
  • 2017-1-4 21:49:58
Nice job CBM80! Can you share more details aboyt the connectiorns?
  • Bench cbm80
  • 2017-1-5 18:18:27
It is pretty simple, all is described in the source code. MAX modules use only 3 data lines and 2 for power.
  • Floor Giachi
  • 2017-1-5 21:31:32
excuse me, i din't see the comments at  the video
thankyou for sharing. check tv remote codes