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guyc 看全部
2017-1-4 06:20:07
I'm a newbee in the world of PI and hope to get some help to use the orangepi PC2 as a server to run Openhab domotic
For the moment I have installed the latest version of Unbuntu with the link I could find here on the forum and with assistance from Steven.

Now I try to install OpenHab. I downloaded the zip file ( distribution-1.8.3-runtime.zip) in the directory /home/orangepi/downloads, but cannot unzip it.

When I download Linux programs do I have to select 32bit or 64bit.
Many thanks for the support

guyc 看全部
2017-1-5 07:39:13
I think I found the problem. I receive that the SD-card is full. Why I don't know.
When I check the properties, it's 3.9 gb (100%full), but the SD itself is 16 GB. How can I access the other 12 gb to install programs ?
schezar5 看全部
2017-1-5 23:17:37
Hi there,

I guess you would get more answers in the troubleshooting forum than here but anyway…

You need to reformat your SD card to get back the "missing" space, as said here

Later on you can go to the software manager and remove the packages one by one.

Do consider creating a SWAP file to help your OPI as well.

Good luck!
guyc 看全部
2017-1-20 00:26:14
I cannot test it.
For some reason the screen is black.
Measured the voltage and the 5 and 3,3 V are ok on the board

the orange starts because at the beginning the red LED goes on and the green led flashes a few times.
I can see the orange pi  that he is online ( with 2  IP-addresses whitch is also strange))

Should the HDMI output be broken or ????
Did the test with diffent screens
schezar5 看全部
2017-1-20 09:46:27
I thought you had an issue with the SD card?

Well, try to VNC to it to see if the HDMI is cooked or not.

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