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Giantofstone 看全部
2017-1-4 23:53:48
I cant figure out how to just play a classic linux game like soldier of fortune from somewhere around year 2000 on my Orange Pi PC. Is there a way? I have Orange Pi PC and Orange Pi PC2. They both should be able to run it but i'm not such an advanced programmer to make that step.
charlly 看全部
2023-3-3 13:01:20
As a Linux user, it can be difficult to find a way to play classic games such as Soldier of Fortune. Thankfully, it is possible to do so on the Orange Pi PC and Orange Pi PC2. While it might not be straightforward for those who are not advanced programmers, there are helpful resources online that can provide  seo company in cochin   assistance in setting up the necessary environment to play this classic game.
Alijan 看全部
2023-5-28 21:56:48
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