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2015-5-11 03:16:13
Edited by OrangePiLinux at 2015-5-11 03:53

Hello everyone. Today I decided to try Raspbian which is in Beta I think still, but still on mine Orange Pi 2 from here: http://www.orangepi.org/orangepi2/pi2_Raspbian_For_OrangePi.html

THere is definately something wrong with it. I have very good Samsung Monitor and it works like a charm with every devices i had till this moment, but in Raspbian there is HDMI signal appearin and disappearing. Like it starts ok and I can see picture. I log in with Root and pas ORangePi. Then as soon I start to load some software--it starts monito blinking--you see picture for second, then black screen.
So looks like Raspbian is in really not good state yet in order to be widely used--like it needs to be polished more and more to my opinion.

Also another thing is--looks like by default it outputs in 720p. I pressed HDMI plug inside orangepi 2 and inside monitor--so there is good contact.

  I am not really familiar with Lubuntu--this LDE environment--so I really do not know where to change monitor resolution--I tried to seek for it--but looks like RAsbian which has LDE as environment has no option to change resolution. My monitor reports in Options that it receives 1280x720. blinks from black picture to

Also task manager behaves funny--you open it and as soon you not  move it with mouse--he stays ok, but if you try to move window of task manager with mouse--it broken.

Looks like AllWinner H3 CPU consumes 3% or resources, and RAM is 66MB used. LAN works as I see be LEDs, but as soon as I start any software like lets say Midory--my screen on monitor blinks from 1 second to black picture--so looks like programs make HDMI not be stable.

  H3 CPU is becoming like maybe 40 degrees hot if touch it by finger, I just wonder--does it need metal cooler on top in order to be cooler?

I have noticed that on none of my three boards i heard any sound form 3,5mm output--probably it all goes to hdmi--but how to change soundoutput--is not really clear...
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2015-5-12 17:29:47
I fully agree. I think the OPi's really have a lot of potential, but to make it easier for beginners (I count myself as one in most areas), it would be good to provide distributions that work as expected, are clearly documented and supported in the forum. The main advantage of the Raspberry Pi is that every complete noob can download images, follow the instructions and get a running system in a blink of an eye that does exactly what it should do.

To be honest, I lost overview which distribution is working on which OPi model, what are the knows bugs and if there are workarounds or even solutions already. As I am visiting the forum quite regularly, I can only imagine, how hard it must be for a newbie, to find his way and get started. IMHO, this has to be changed and improved quickly to give the OPi's the success they deserve.
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2015-5-11 03:31:12


Edited by OrangePiLinux at 2015-5-11 03:34

Also today I tried Raspbian on ORange PI model loade from here: http://www.orangepi.org/downloaded/Raspbian_For_OrangePi.html

What I can tell about it?

  Well--it outputs 1080P out of the box which looks like cool to me, also it is stable--like HDMI stable everything. But what I have noticed is this:
LAN is not working. Like if you looks at LAN--it has I think yellow LED on  but green LED is out. I have HDCP server in modem--So I do not know what is going. THere is possible to turn Wi-fi though--like is possible to connect, but how to turn on LAN--I do not know know. I just wonder--it is problem of device I have or problem of Raspbian?
Well what makes me not happy is this Lubuntu or so called LDE not clear environment--Like there are not many setting things in order to play with . Like I tried to open monittor settings but it cant for some reason.

I tried to test Raspbian for Orange PI for multimedia support and tried to play 1080p and 720p video clips from BigBuck Bunny from here: https://peach.blender.org/download/
but for some reason Raspbian does not support playing it and even Raspbian did not have proper player. I think there no place in order to install
good player in Raspbian.
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2015-5-12 15:37:06
Very good job you're doing here... excellent to get an overview about the current status of the different distributions on the various OPis.

Steven, I would suggest to add new forum categories for the different OPi models. That would make it somewhat easier to keep track with the development.
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2015-5-11 03:39:55
Edited by OrangePiLinux at 2015-5-11 03:48

Also today I tested Lubuntu for OrangePI Plus from here: http://www.orangepi.org/plusdown ... u_For_OrangePi.html

Looks like it stable and it even played both files 720p and 1080p BigBuck Bunny, but the thing is--it starts in 720p and there is no option to change to 1080p. Like no menus , nothing. I wish it would be easier.

I just wonder--is it possible to make version of Linux for ORange PI with XFCE or MATE environment--they are more logical then this LDE...

LAtely Raspberry PI posted on its site MATe version of Ubuntu. Can somen tell me--is it possible to launch Linux from Rapberry pi on Orange PI?

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2015-5-11 13:13:06
I will port Ubuntu Mate version.
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2015-5-11 15:17:52


Edited by OrangePiLinux at 2015-5-11 15:27

Thank you Steven. I am very glad to hear such news because Ubuntu MAte is awesome system. I myself use on laptop Linux Mint with MATE and very like it. What I like about MATE is that it is fork of good old GNOME2. Like mate has Widgets to control frequency of CPU, and also MATE is really good looking environment which has many settings.

  Do you plan to have it for All models of OrangePI or only for the latest second wave of Orange PIs like PLUS, PI2, PI2Mini ?

  Well I understand why on Raspberry Pi and on ORange Pi is used LDE--because is it light--like I saw in task manager and it uses almost no resources> but at same time I think that H3 CPU with four cores, and even A20 can easily handle XFCE and also MATE. We definately need to concentrate on those releases.

   Steven I wanted also to ask you--DEbian server which was released lately for OP PLus, PI2  PMini2--it has no GUI? Like it has interest to use it only for people who wants to run server and is ok to deal with command line only?

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