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tl5k5 看全部
2017-1-13 10:46:47
Hello all!
Looking for a proper heatsink and case for my new OP+2e.  Anyone have any suggestions?

LearningCurve 看全部
2018-3-7 14:07:42
Maybe not an "official" heat sink, I couldn't find an official one, but I found that the Raspberry Pi Zero heat sink is the right size for the H3, 15x15mm. As with most Rpi bits, it is easily obtainable.
I have one on my Orange pi PC and it is working just fine.
jordirc 看全部
2018-8-20 00:09:33
Get them in AliExpress. I am using now some silver colored ones that are good if you use the expansion board. But there are others made of copper and taller that are better if you don't
pijo 看全部
2018-9-6 17:51:27
someone could suggest heat sink for Orange Pi lite2? Do yuo think that I have to put an heat sink on all chipset? CPU, RAM, WiFi and PMU?
Kind regards

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