heatsink and case 看全部

Hello all!
Looking for a proper heatsink and case for my new OP+2e.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Maybe not an "official" heat sink, I couldn't find an official one, but I found that the Raspberry Pi Zero heat sink is the right size for the H3, 15x15mm. As with most Rpi bits, it is easily obtainable.
I have one on my Orange pi PC and it is working just fine.
Get them in AliExpress. I am using now some silver colored ones that are good if you use the expansion board. But there are others made of copper and taller that are better if you don't
  • Floor pijo
  • 2018-9-6 17:51:27
someone could suggest heat sink for Orange Pi lite2? Do yuo think that I have to put an heat sink on all chipset? CPU, RAM, WiFi and PMU?
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