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jbirdlebough 看全部
2017-1-21 12:24:56

Mine was working, now it still lights red then green then red and just sits there.  Its a new OPI 2 plus 49 hrs old.  
Very unimpressed with quality of these devices, ditto all the builds they are full of problems compared to relatively stable RPi images.    

OPi really needs to clean up its web site, QA all its content, make sure all image builds are certified and write documentation for every product that is complete.  

What is the procedure to force a full restore to default?  
And how do we put image on EEM instead of SD card.

Again buyer beware, very risky product to buy.  Never have had a RPi failure of any kind over 30+ units, ditto BBB.

Very sorry I wasted $50 on this one.  
Tina 看全部
2017-1-23 13:44:48


... Where is CPU 4? ...
How do you cool the CPU?

IMHO the OPI has a chance if Xunlong releases to all their products a Linux SDK rather than only a crappy android SDK that people can develop stable Linux distros. But that takes time as this would not be done by Xunlong rather by the individuals of the community on their own time.


... And fix the audio input add a 3.5 stereo jack to the board and remove the mic. ...
After all this is a development board, why don't you desolder the AV socket and connect it to you pleasure?
igorpec 看全部
2017-1-23 18:45:32
Rpi design is as old as RPi. Nothing much changed since first release. It's very simple to support such device and since the user base is large, you actually don't need to do anything at all. Everything what needs to be done, was already done ... years ago. You only need to release yet another and another board version of the same board. Now RPi has got even an on board wireless module. And there is only one single wireless chip. How boring

PC2 is a new device, which is not suited for people that come from a toy called Raspberry Pi. Of course it's not yet very well supported since it's a new toy for developers too.
kaiser 看全部
2017-1-23 18:59:10


igorpec replied at 2017-1-23 18:45
Rpi design is as old as RPi. Nothing much changed since first release. It's very simple to support s ...

BTW: He's talking all the time about the most uninteresting Orange Pi at all: OPi Plus 2. And tried only out the official images which are known to be in a pretty bad shape, especially regarding thermal/cpufreq settings.

@jbirdlebough: you might want to read through https://forum.armbian.com/index. ... board-buyers-guide/  and try out better OS images. But as already written OPi Plus 2 was a bad choice anyway since too expensive, slow USB-to-SATA bridge and also less USB bandwidth than Plus 2E for example (the latter exposes all 4 real USB ports and they don't have to share bandwidth)
jbirdlebough 看全部
2017-1-23 11:22:18

Yet another interesting Opi plus 2 problem.  Where is CPU 4?  Running unbuntu 14.04 Opi release.
On these quad boards you must use heat sink at 5.1-5.3VDC @ 4 amp supply or you will have tons of intermittant problems.  
Network stack for wifi is dog slow compared to PI 3, eth0 however is reasonable.

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Tina 看全部
2017-1-21 14:39:18
Edited by Tina at 2017-1-21 15:39

Rather than to runt in three different topics, you should have firstly opened a topic in 'Using the Orange PI series/Troubleshooting'.

Now your board seems to be at least partially alive.
1. Did you check the voltage at the 5V rail? If under 5V replace the power supply with one which can supply a stable 5V output.
2. If thats OK, do you get anything at th UART port?
Giantofstone 看全部
2017-1-22 07:48:21
You didn't wasted your money, you only bought the hardware from Orange Pi and the software is Open Source and being worked on to do better then many other devices. Raspberry Pi is an old community, that's why everything works there.
jbirdlebough 看全部
2017-1-23 11:40:39


Giantofstone replied at 2017-1-22 07:48
You didn't wasted your money, you only bought the hardware from Orange Pi and the software is Open S ...

its simple, quality is a system solution wide requirement.  RPi and BBB will continue to lead due to good support, and high level of quality of both web sites and downloads.
customer immediate success is key to selling large numbers and winning marketshare.  39 days from point of order is another serious problem.  Get a US based reseller who has local stock.  

And lack of accurate documentation is totally unacceptable.  You can't fix what you do not have information on.  PI and BBB did great job on web sites, and getting started as well as tons of project how to documents.  At $11/hr minimum wage, fighting through poor websites and documentation burns up many times the cost of your product in wasted effort.

If OPi intends to compete in this market, you have to fix these defects.  As PI and BBB will shortly be releasing new boards with much more features at similar prices.

And fix the audio input add a 3.5 stereo jack to the board and remove the mic.  Then its actually useful.  Or add 2nd row to your 3 pin connector for R+L+gnd audio input.  

Put in the 16GB internal flash OPi OS instead of android in chinese.  

And yes I have tested every image on your web site as well as PI and BBB so I know in great detail what works and whats crap.  

JMB chief engineer

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