Orange Pi PC2 - Plex Media Server - ‘Server is not powerful enough’ 看全部

Hi all,

I have set up Plex on Debian image of the Orange Pi PC2 and I use Chromecast on my TV to watch movies, shows and etc.
It seems to be working just fine for most videos but for some I get the "Server is not powerful enough" message when trying to play a file.
It does not really matter if it's 720P or 1080P or whatever.
I have followed a guide for fixing this issue on Chrome and Android: ... -on-raspberry-pi-2/
But it does not seem to help on Chromecast.
So I was just wondering if Plex is able to get the full power of the CPU and etc., if there an option to turn on hardware transcoding? I've seen posts that PC 2 lacks GPU support so maybe that's the reason? As far as I understand this is much more powerfull than the Raspberry Pi 2 or even Pi 3 and such transcoding should be piece of cake for it.
Any one else has this issue?
Sorry, wrong place for post.
Hi there are you able to fix it?
quote: marine88 replied at 2018-1-15 23:29
Hi there are you able to fix it?

Hi, unfortunately not, I have given up on trying to make Plex work on the PC2.