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tokka 看全部
2017-1-22 02:30:23
Edited by tokka at 2017-2-23 02:22

Hi guys,
here you can find a litte collection of things-to-do based on questions and answers by Steven Zaho if you receive a non working op:

First of all: open dispute;
take a video to show what happen;
try to power on without sd card;
than try with (more) sd card(s);
Take some photos of power supply to upload on AliE;
Use more than one power supply;
use a multimeter to verify that the power supply is 5v-3A or more, because under that your op will no power on and no leds will turn on;
if you plan to use some usb periferal or connect the cam, consider to buy a 5v-5A power supply (0,5A for each usb port) to be sure your op will turn on; - if your op has 2,9A (2900mA) won't works -

if you do all hte listed things, may be you find a solution

And remember: op (all) needs 5v 2A power supply, NOT 3 as "someone" said, so be carefull before buy, you seriously risk to loose your money (and waste your time following the fake indications you'll receive)

Giantofstone 看全部
2017-1-22 07:06:54
The way i see is the screen is tearing so it's still not working.
tokka 看全部
2017-2-7 03:47:47
This could depend by the resolution settings....i hope for you

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