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ixbert 看全部
2017-1-26 07:59:58
Edited by ixbert at 2017-1-26 08:04

I have installed retrorangepi 3.0 and when i use the armbian desktop i often have sound problems. In some youtube videos is only to hear noise, in other videos the sound works. Often when i hear online radio, the sound changes to rasping sounds and i have to restart the orange pi plus 2e. I don't know how i can avoid this problem.
yh7584000 看全部
2017-2-14 12:57:23
re-install again?
Tina 看全部
2017-2-14 18:02:47
Have you tried the 3.0.1?
I hope that solves it. So far I have no problems with this scenario on my OPI PC and 3.0.1 :/

ixbert 看全部
2017-2-18 20:43:49
Re-install has no effect. I will try 3.0.1.

ixbert 看全部
2017-2-26 18:50:02
I have the same problem with other armbian versions too and rerorangepi 3.0.1 does not solve this. I seems to be a problem with firefox and some (or one) scripts which let crash the sound. Now i have install the midori browser and noscript for firefox, that solve the problem.

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