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Every time I try to stream heavy (mostly 1080p) videos trough the network (webdav, sftp...), it either fails or I got the message “cache is full” etc. Videos start playing, but randomly stop (to buffer again, I guess). I use an Orange PI PC and I have a 50M/b internet connection. Do you have any answer?

  • Sofa jernej
  • 2017-1-31 06:07:49
Hi everyone! I have Orange Pi Plus 2e with OpenELEC and Kodi 16.1 and Samsung smart tv. When I switch on both of them on the same HD channels the Orange board buffers often but not the Samsung.

As I understand Samsung tv has larger buffer size set. So I wonder is there any way I am able to regulate my kodi buffer size?

I have real 30 Mbits internet so my bandwidth is not a problem.
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I want to add that I have tried the above method and I have added advancedsetting.xml file but it doesn't work. It seems like my Kodi just ignores it as I still have only ~300 MB of RAM in use. The system keeps buffering sometimes too. Perhaps, there is some trick to make my Kodi use this xml file?