Orange Pi PC2 display 看全部

What display would you recommend for this board? Some from 3.2 - 5 inches?

There are some tutorials for h2/3 but not for h5. Thaks in advance.

well I am using this one from aliexpress: EYEWINK Raspberry Pi 3 Display HDMI 7 Inch 1024X600 LCD with Touch Screen Monitor for Raspberry Pi 3 B+/2B Pcduino Banana P, its 7 inches not smaller but working really well, this one is similar to mine but it's 5 inches: ... 12010612.0.0.B4VFEw
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  • 2017-8-30 00:29:42
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Get this display from Aliexpres. It is 5" with hdmi connector. It works as a screen, and that is ok. But how to set touchscreen to works?
Display: ... Pi/32329913242.html
OS: Armbian
SD card: Samsung evo+ class 10 32GB

Solution for some other OS would do the job.
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I have a 5" resistive touch screen from waveshare.
It works fine when I connect it to other hdmi display
But it doesn't show any picture when I connect it to PC2
any suggestion?
PS: it works fine with armbian image. but none of orange pi works with it