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...or something like that. I'll start by saying that I like the Orange Pi PC and Zero that I have. The RPi3 dissapointed me with having a 64 bit architecture but as yet no proper support for it as a desktop OS. The Orange Pi PC 2 has a processor capable of it but only 1GB RAM. The Orange Pi 2 has 2GB  RAM but (as far as I know) the same SoC as the Orange Pi PC. Will something come out with the 2GB RAM and the H5 SoC?
I honestly think the Orange Pi PC is the best SBC I own. It might not have the most features but it is the most responsive and I think the fastest. I would love to get one of the new models but neither have both interesting features. So is there going to be something like an Orange Pi PC 2 Plus that will have extra RAM coming?
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  • 2017-2-25 17:59:05
Hah, is that even worth it on an OrangePi vs buying a higher model? I'd really like to see the OrangePi+ 2e with an H5 SOC and Bluetooth/Wifi using an Atheros ath9k or esp8266 chip, with eMMC and more RAM it could be a nice board.
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  • 2017-2-25 01:50:38
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Reballing, Man?
If you are handy - You can try smth like that
That seems a little too much like hard work.
It seems like my question was answered with more new models!
I listed interesting models with 2GB RAM

So we have:
*Orange Pi Win+

*Orange Pi Prime
*Orange Pi Plus 2
*Orange Pi Plus 2E

The Orange Pi Win+ is interesting because it uses an A64 SoC. It will have a major bottleneck like an RPi because it has to send everything through a single USB channel via a hub. However I believe because the Win(+) is based around a tablet SOC, it may actually support power management. I'm assuming the chip labelled PMU is a Power Management Unit.
This makes the board more practical for low power use, automotive and renewable energy powered sources (solar etc).

The Orange Pi Prime might as well have been called the Orange Pi PC2 Plus. It has the same H5 as the PC2 and many of the same features but adds WiFi, BT and 2GB RAM total. Does this mean the legacy kernel also has the bug that prevents it being used on most monitors?

The Orange Pi Plus 2/E is a lt like the Pi and Pi PC with its H3 SoC. It has some added storage features depending on model. Does the legacy kernel actually work properly with most monitors like the PC does? I hope so. I don't have one so I can't say.

I found my orange Pi PC to be better for video playback, and simultaneous network and disk IO than an RPi.
I purchased the PC2 as an upgrade and was dissapointed I couldn't get the legacy kernel to display any modes compatible with any of my monitors. It works well as a headless server with Armbian but that's about it.

My Orange Pi PC gets used as a lite PC for programming and day to day tasks. Problem is I'm also working on an OS port for the Orange Pi PC so I'm forced to use my RPi3, which tends to collapse in a heap if I'm not careful.

For whatever reason the display from the OPi PC seems to be way more crisp than the RPi3. I don't understand how given it's HDMI but I see what I see.

So the question really now is which of the many models would be suitable?
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