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JatinGoyal 看全部
2017-2-26 01:42:46
Hello everyone I jatin recently got opi pc 2. compltely noobie right now.
please someone post wiring Op for orange pi pc 2
nopnop2002 看全部
2017-4-1 18:42:43
Edited by nopnop2002 at 2017-4-1 18:49

There is OPI-PC2 port map.

It's same as OPI-PC.

Perhaps Wiring-OP work on OPI-PC2.

Shikid 看全部
2017-2-26 06:01:39
JatinGoyal 看全部
2017-4-15 03:04:01


nopnop2002 replied at 2017-4-1 18:42
There is OPI-PC2 port map.

hey thanx man . really liked your reply. thanx for the great help

luciham20 看全部
2022-8-29 13:54:46
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