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Hello, my name is Adam and I am a student living in Australia with major interest in computing. This interest in compution has led me to the Orange Pi, which I think is a device with amazing capabilities and potential.The main type of testing I will be conducting is testing the viability of using the Orange Pi as a educational tool for use in the classroom environment, for taking notes and writing documents. This will test its portablity and versatility in a range of environments.
I will also be contributing greatly to the wiki as it is quite bare and I have the skills required to do so, such as sophisticated writing and a broad knowledge into what makes these boards work. The wiki will also be used to post the results gathered from the first testing. Additionally, I will be testing the ability to use a range of multiple operating systems on theses boards, using multiple different sd cards, each with a different operating system and workspace, with the results being posted on the wiki.
Thanks for your consideration,
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  • Sofa shwan
  • 2015-10-26 02:37:45
Good luck Adam, and thanks for taking the time and effort to document the Orange Pi - it is an excellent board, however we are still lacking full functionality in linux due to there being no drivers for the video hardware.
I have a Pi+ and recently bought a PiPC - great value for money!  Just hoping that I can use it with linux in the not too distant future
Android runs on this board perfectly though!
Good idea. it would be helpful.
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