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2015-5-15 00:16:39
Hey guys!I am a self learned hobbyist and programmer. I'd like to make video tutorials on the Orange Pi 2. It is going to be a complete series and will be uploaded to youtube and also linked here.
My tutorials will teach everything from the basics to the most hardest mind melting stuff.
My tutorials will center around the OPi itself, MCUs like the AVR series, Arduino, STM32 etc and IoT.I'd appreciate it if I can get a sample of the OPi 2.

Basically you will be learning :-
1. GPIO programming.
2. Interfacing with sensors, ADCs, BLE modules etc
3. Interfacing with MCUs like the Atmega32, Atmega328, STM32f10xxx, the Arduino family.
4. Android app development for IoT based apps.
5. PHP and Python for IoT
6. Hacking using Kali linux
7. How to make different projects ranging from something as simple as playing a video over Wi-FI/BT to mindblowingly hard and complicated Home automation, Robotics etc.
8. OS development (based on Linux)

All these tutorials will be linked in the forum too.
Now, I also have a RPi, RPi2, BPro. I'd like to add the OPi 2 to my arsenal. For the IOT part, I'll concentrate on JS, HTML, PHP, RoR and Python and for robotics and GPIOs, it'll be a mix of HLL  and LLL
(C++, C and Python).

Hit me up with any kind of question, I'll answer it.
gaara 看全部
2015-5-15 00:56:20
Edited by gaara at 2015-5-15 09:05

Seems cool, I exactly have a question for you.
I'm running on Android with Orange 1 normal (A20 SoC), and I would like to run an accelerometer on it. As you can guess, I would like to play with !
The chip I have is MPU6050 board, but there's no driver for the kernel 3.4.
I can program it with the ATMega chip, but Android can't communicate with serial interface (just an app can do it, and it seems difficult to adapt it in android)
So, i'm trying to adapt this: http://kernel--tegra.android-sou ... /imu/inv_mpu/README
This is to modify the kernel and add some new drivers.
At this time, drivers are ok, i2ctools can be run, and I see something, but I havn't hack the kernel yet.
I have some problems with initial "omap_register_i2c_bus" (I'm new in C). This fonction is the last to activate the others, in  the /ANDROID/lichee/linux-3.4/arch/arm/mach-sun7i/core.c file.
If you have time you can maybe help me and if it works, I give you the rights of my videos !!


edit: some details here and here
shahe_ansar 看全部
2015-5-15 23:54:25
Edited by shahe_ansar at 2015-5-15 23:59

An easier way would be to use USB from a Atmega32u4 board (you can get one on AliExpress for $5) or use an esp8266 to transmit via wifi. You might wanna see this too.
gaara 看全部
2015-5-16 17:19:15
Edited by gaara at 2015-5-16 12:05

Thanks for your reply, but I already try with the ATMega328 (inboard)
But I prefer use it with I²C, less energy glutton than bluetooth. My project is portable, using a lipo battery. So I must economize juice !
My code can be compiled now, but I have to do some settings to see my device... sun7i is not a conventionnal architecture!

Anyway, good project to help the little Orange Pi community !
shahe_ansar 看全部
2015-5-21 02:33:28
Try using an attiny2313 with a soft USB library (note: You'll have to use low level programming instead of arduino because less space), also the best part - it consumes very less power

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