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medapayne 看全部
2017-3-3 20:43:06
Hello everyone
I need help because I have been searching for several days but without finding the answer.
I would like to use my Orange Pi as a Squeezebox.
Is it possible to install Squeezeslave on the Orange Pi if so how?
Could you give me a link or the whole procedure is explained if that exists?

Thank you in advance for your answers

Wolfman 看全部
2017-3-14 18:50:16
Quattr00 看全部
2017-3-20 08:15:01
I downloaded the image from that link. It works fine but runs on debian jessie.
I loaded it to a orange pi lite and it only has wifi so I used a usb to ethernet adapter but I was not able to get wifi working.
With the armbian image I can get wifi working. I am getting audio through HDMI but I could use a usb dac or I2S dac.

For what is worth I think it works fine, nice jivelite menu and you can also use the server interface. The language on jivelite was in Russian but I found a way to change it to English after that it was easy to navigate. I used a mini mouse pad/keyboard from an android tv box to play around.

Squeezebox is the best server for an internet radio or a music player. I have one on a pogoplug arm5 and I know my way around it.

Wolfman 看全部
2017-3-20 16:10:55
I've installed squeezebox on armbian with wifi, I2S dac on OPI ONE and PC.
It works.
Quattr00 看全部
2017-3-21 03:52:48
I will install armbian once I have a chance. I need wifi to work on the orange pi lite.

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