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Levitsky86 看全部
2017-3-6 15:48:50
Edited by Levitsky86 at 2017-3-6 16:03

Hi guys! I see there are options of Hibernate and Suspend in Kodi remote app. I wonder is there any way I am able to make work either of these modes on my Orangepi platform under Kodi? So, I could use Wake on LAN feature in such case. Thanks!
AkiraSensei 看全部
2018-2-1 05:07:48
I'm not very Linux savvy but I don't think single board computers support these type of features. Either they're completely on or off. For my Odroid XU4, for example, I was recommended to throttle the CPU use to "conservative" with something called CPU Governor. What it does is lower power consumption when the board is on idle. I hope somebody can clarify what I mean better.

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