Sharing love for OPI in poland 看全部

Hi i want to share orange pi knowlage to polish users. Translate OPi wiki to polish, make reviews (video and blog) and help community in my own country. I want to be a big part of our community and share my love for this awesome edu/project/just magic unicorns board. I think about showing OPi to my teachers on my electronics university too. I would be happy to apply for free samples of device( Would be appreciated "Orange Pi Zero 512", "Orange Pi lite" and "Orange Pi PC 2"  Samples for Review and showing them on university as good controller board).
Hope for support and understanding.
  • Sofa Fillis
  • 2022-12-26 14:40:14
And why waste time on it? There are so many interesting people you can have a live chat with.. I rarely go to the forums.. It's usually handy to get an answer to a question. The ideal place for live communication is chats for dirty hookups  - I get a visible profit from the fact that I start new acquaintances here. By the way, there is also an international chat.