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macchese 看全部
2017-3-26 18:03:14
It's a dream?Good hardware,fast,64 bit,4k....but the softwre there is?At moment is only a ornament.Beatiful ornament,but only ornament..........It is useless to have great hardware if there is no firmware .....
MadMax2 看全部
2017-3-28 00:04:17
I am watching Kodi 17.0 on my Opi PC2 right now. All I did was sideload it on the modified android image which is linked in the android thread here. It is running fine with full hardware acceleration. Sound is perfect and no video stuttering, buffering or anything. Make sure android is set to 720p.  Hope this helps.

macchese 看全部
2017-3-28 03:52:24
Thanks Max.Excuse me for this questions..Only 720p?Android 5.1 or the previos version?Can you link me the correct image?
MadMax2 看全部
2017-3-28 06:00:46
The link is on the second last page of the improving android for opi pc2 but it appears that all the links to the file seem to be dead now . I have most of the images that are kicking around the internet for this thing and tonight I might combine them in a folder and create a torrent.

When I checked today Kodi was one of the few apps on the spanish image that downloaded no problems from the playstore. It updated to 17.1 today and still runs good. Maybe someone else who has the rooted android image could host it somewhere??
MadMax2 看全部
2017-3-28 06:45:39
Kodi should work no problem on the stock image on the OPi download page. All you need to do is download the apk file from apk pure website and sideload it. The files there are usually untampered with and virus free.

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